Zodiac Signs With the Most Danger  







 Tauruses are materialistic, thus their dark side is avarice and a love of bright goods. Taurus is lethargic and forgetful.


 Cancer nurtures. They care about others and are compassionate. They want to assist, not harm. Cancer may emotionally manipulate others, yet every zodiac sign has a dark side.




 Libras appreciate harmony. As scales, they seek justice. Do not anticipate this zodiac sign to work hard at anything, even committing a crime.



 Aries are hazardous because of their fury. They're not planning genocide. They usually lose their anger.






 Fire sign Leo is temperamental. They are only dangerous if they lose control of their fire, like Aries. Leo has a good heart. 



 The zodiac's mature parent is Capricorn. They keep their calm and think rationally. This makes them less deadly.

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 Pluto rules Scorpio. This planet represents death, devastation, and rebirth. This planet doesn't have rebirth. Mass devastation makes way for regeneration and change.

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 Aquarius is the inventive sign. They aren't nasty or temperamental. However, they will meticulously arrange their crimes, making them distinctive and unexpected.


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