Zodiac Signs That Avoid Love 








 Fast love. You are inquisitive about others and can find the positive and make them feel unique. You're fickle, so what's brilliant and dazzling one day might be dark and terrifying the next.


 You're impetuous and may depart without warning, making you the ultimate heartbreaker. You hate boredom and love excitement. 




 You want to live life fully. You desire affection, but not at the price of your independence. You fall in love immediately, but it's usually with someone's concept rather than their person. 



 hus, love might be brief and you're soon forgotten. No partnership can satisfy your need for excitement. Understand stability and security. 






 You want deep love and are sensual. You are systematic about who you adore. You go all in, yet distrusting nature may occasionally get you. 



 You rapidly turn on folks who don't satisfy your high expectations. If you suspect treachery, you will depart.

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 You value independence and are hypervigilant about safeguarding it. You idealize your companions and are dissatisfied when they fall short. 

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 Libras are tricky since they're lovely and indecisive. Libras become love intoxicated easily because they adore love more than the person. 


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