Zodiac Signs Teach Love

 Aries: Love awakens




 Aries represents nature awakening after a lengthy slumber as the first Zodiac Sign. Life awakens. Aries teaches that love awakens. Love awakens Aries and all instincts as spring does. 

 Taurus: shows love is genuine.

 The second Zodiac Sign approaches differently. They want a "love cave" and are more steady than most. Their primal inclinations are seldom sugar-coated. They seek genuine affection.

 Gemini: teaching love inspires.


 The third sign is continuously conscious of neighboring influences. The greatest brains see love as an uplifting energy that may remove pessimism and gloomy ideas. 

 Cancer: Love nurtures.

 The first Water Sign is Zodiac 4. Moon-ruled Cancer. Cancer loves to nurture and protect. They teach us that love can heal. 




 Leo: teaches brave love


 Our radiant Sun rules the fifth Zodiac Sign. Thus, Leo love is apparent, genuine, and deserving. Leo loves crazily. Their deeds and example encourage us. 

 Virgo: teaches selfless love

 Mercury rules the sixth Zodiac Sign, giving them great mental abilities. They are reckless in love. Love makes them sacrifice a lot.

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 Libra: teaches peaceful love


 Venus dominates the seventh sign. They adore love because of this. Love fuels them. Peace preserves love. 

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 Sagittarius: shows love's journey.

 The ninth Zodiac sign views love differently. True Sagittariuses play life. An exciting, sometimes risky game. Love is their vehicle for this great adventure to find more exciting and brain-stimulating things. 

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