zodiac signs most likely to workaholic


Capricorn:  Capricorns are hard workers and ambitious. Their drive to succeed and be recognized for their efforts may cause them to become workaholics.

Scorpio:  Scorpios are passionate and intense and may become workaholics. Sometimes people utilize their jobs to avoid thinking about their personal problems.


Aries:  Competitive and ambitious Aries may become workaholics in their pursuit of success.

Virgo:  Detail-oriented Virgos adore organization. Due to their demand for perfection and mastery over their surroundings, they may develop a workaholism personality trait.

Taurus:  Because to their strong work ethic and need for financial security, Taureans may become workaholics.

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Leo:  Leos are self-assured and gregarious, yet their need for other people's approval may make them work too much. They may like having some say over their employment and the freedom it brings.

Sagittarius:  Those born under this sign have a need for knowledge and the freedom to try new things, which might lead them to become workaholics.

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Aquarius:  Independent, imaginative Aquarians may become workaholics because they want to transform the world via their profession.