Zodiac signs most likely to become artists 


Pisces:  Artistic Pisces may use their emotions to create. They are gifted in imagination and creativity, two qualities that serve them well in the arts.

Taurus:  Taureans are good artists because they love beauty. They have a penchant for the more conventional arts like painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

Cancer:  Cancers are intuitive and emotive, giving them a distinct worldview that they may express via art. They like poetry and music.


Libra:  Libras' balance and harmony make them good artists. They have a preference for classical music and ballet, as well as other types of high culture.

Leo:  Leos are self-expressive and want the limelight. They have a tendency to gravitate toward the performing arts, particularly acting and dancing.

Gemini:  Artistic Geminis are flexible and adaptive. They prefer conceptual and performance art to more traditional forms of visual expression.

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Sagittarius:  Sagittarians are innovative and like trying new things. They like intellectual, abstract art like contemporary art and abstract expressionism.

Aquarius:  Artistic Aquarians are autonomous and creative. Digital and video art, which are at the forefront of artistic innovation, tend to appeal to this demographic.