Zodiac Sign's Ideal Marriage Pairing



 You're a free-thinker and wanderer. Oprah with Bob Marley. Finding "the one" might be hard. A free-thinking Aquarius may understand you best.


 Dreamer, healer, nurturer. If you're a water sign who tends to let your imagination run wild, try a Cancer. They sow roots, water them, and watch them grow.


 You're a ram-sign pathfinder. Like Lady Gagas, you need someone to channel your infinite energy into something great.



 Taurus, your patience and dedication make others feel at ease, but you might need someone to return the favor, particularly in stressful times.


 Enlist the affection of a Leo, the ideal passionate spouse, and you'll never need your phone again. Your mate is Aquarius, an open-minded, breezy sign.



Get a Taurus for someone who appreciates hard effort as much as you do. Pisces will make you swoon and be determined to keep you around in a "law of attraction" relationship.


 Beautiful, lion-like Leo—the sign of forceful expression—wears every emotion on both sleeves. Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Coco Chanel.

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 You love your friends, but you're fiercely independent and have practiced self-care since before it was cool.

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