Zodiac Signs' Birthday Cakes


 Aries: Black lava cake

 What could be better than a chocolate cake with a luscious, gooey chocolate stream?

 Taurus : Layer cake

 Layer cakes are gorgeous and carefully created.

 Gemini :Ice cream cake

 Like you, Gemini, ice cream cake can turn every celebration into an unforgettable bash.

 Cancer : Petits fours

 These little cakes are perfect for sharing at a tea party or enjoying on your own when you need some quiet time.


 LeO : Red Velvet cake

 It's flamboyant and attention-grabbing, making it the ideal birthday cake for Leo.

 Virgo : Cupcakes

 Cupcakes are tasty treats that stand on their own. This person strikes me as a Virgo.

 SagittariuS : Carrot cake

 Carrot cake's greatness lies in the fact that it can make you feel like you're doing something good for your body even as you consume it. 

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 Aquarius: Black Forrest cake

 Like Aquarius, this cake is a bit out of the ordinary and unexpected, yet it still manages to win over a large group of people.

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