Zodiac Signs and the Ideal Engagement Ring Design



Aries like a princess cut engagement ring since it shows they are receiving the finest of the best. Why is that? Although a lot of diamonds are wasted during the cutting process,


This Venusian girl believes that "more is better," and we can't say that we blame her. An emerald cut diamond may seem like an unusual choice for an engagement ring, but it's perfect for Taurus


Gemini may swiftly and easily convey their private life to others with the assistance of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a pave band, all without having to talk or DTR. Everyone will be able to see


The Moon, Cancer's ruling planet, makes them sensitive. Embrace the moon's mushy sentiments and plunge headfirst into your love with an oval engagement ring.


Big, bold, and flashy would be the aesthetic that best suits Leo's flamboyant nature. If money is tight, the lion will settle for a coloured diamond or gem that will still get them plenty of admiring glances.


An engagement ring in the shape of a flower conveys a sense of innocence and purity. Virgos, who get the virtue symbolism of the style, are the ones who will find it most charming.

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It's no surprise that the planet Venus, which is associated with the air sign, values sensual experiences. This involves being surrounded by luxurious objects and experiences


Just as Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, so too is the asscher cut diamond the most intense engagement ring form. Even more so, Scorpio will be attracted to this beautiful design


The spiritual significance of pears is the same as that of the Sagittarius zodiac sign: abundance, optimism, and success. Hence, a pear-shaped engagement ring would be ideal for the archer. 


Because Capricorns are so conventional, the sea goat could choose an engagement ring with a round stone. They don't need any unnecessary flourishes or extravagant declarations.

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Incorporating a diamond in a geometric form is a contemporary spin on the traditional engagement ring. This unique look is ideal for the Aquarius sign because no one else will have anything similar.


Pisces, the water bearer, should wear a marquise diamond. The name "navette," which literally means "little boat," comes from the design's nautical inspiration. 

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