Zodiac Signs and the Healthiest Foods to Eat


Aries:  Aries require meals that match their energy and excitement. Meals high in protein and heat, such as steak and eggs, are ideal.

Taurus:  Tauruses adore comfort and luxury. They may fulfill their sweet tooth and their need for comfort with decadent sweets, fine cheeses, and substantial dishes like mac & cheese and pot roast.

Gemini:  Curious and lively, Geminis like trying new things. Sushi and other light, airy appetizers work well for them.


Cancer:  Cancers are kind and compassionate people who like home-cooked meals and traditional comfort foods like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Leo:  Leos like dramatic, flamboyant cuisine. Lobster and bright fruit platters will fulfill their need for glitz.

Virgo:  Practical and health-conscious, Virgos like nutritious and efficient meals. Salads, smoothie bowls, and acai bowls are excellent options for them.

Libra:  Libras like attractive and good food because they want balance and harmony. They would like vibrant salads or fancy sweets.

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Scorpio:  Scorpios are passionate and intense, thus they like spicy, flavorful dishes. They may fulfill their hunger with foods like spicy tacos or decadent chocolate desserts.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarians adore trying new things and unique food. The two cuisines that work best for them are Indian and Thai.

Capricorn:  Practical and hardworking Capricorns like robust, full meals. They will feel satisfied after eating a pot roast or a bowl of substantial soup.

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Aquarius:  Eccentric the Aquarians like odd meals. They do best on vegan or vegetarian fare, or on unusual fruits like dragonfruit or starfruit.

Pisces:  Creative and inventive Pisces like artistic and delicious cuisine. They'd love sushi rolls that are artfully assembled or fancy plates of food.