Zodiac sign with Sense of Humor


Aries:  Aries' fun and energetic nature makes them wonderful entertainers. They are hilarious and can make anybody laugh out loud.

Gemini:  Smart and quick-witted, Gemini. They are talented wordsmiths who can make even the most routine circumstance hilarious.

Leo:  Leo has a charismatic personality and enjoys the limelight. They are hilarious and contagious with their positive attitude.


Libra:  Libra has a fantastic sense of humor and likes to make others laugh. They have an effortless charisma and humor that makes them fantastic performers.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius loves pleasure and adventure. They are hilarious, having a sharp wit and a sardonic sense of humor.

Aquarius:  Aquarius has a quirky sense of humor and a distinctive attitude. They can make anybody laugh with their clever insights and unique take on the world.

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Pisces:  Pisces enjoys making others laugh. People with this level of imagination can find humor in almost everything.

Scorpio:  Scorpio's nasty sense of humor may take people off guard. They can make everyone chuckle with their sardonic sense of humor and insightful comments.