Zodiac Sign Lucky Rune

 Aries: Uruz




 This Rune controls emotions. You must create your aspirations but not your anxieties in the next year. 

Taurus: Raidho

 Thus, you need anything to assist you flow yet always win! Raidho will help you adapt to change and attract luck. This rune also brings success and enjoyment!

 Gemini: Kenaz


 Thus, you need Kenaz to rid your mind of emotional baggage and welcome a bright new future! Inspiration, luck, and creativity for your bright future! Lucky Rune Kenaz.

 Cancer: Wunjo

 Though inventive and prolific, the previous years sapped your energies. Wunjo helps you summon success and positive feelings to attract more strength




 Leo: Algiz


 It's power! You probably know it. This powerful energy may change your life in ways you cannot conceive. You must be shielded from evil.

 Virgo: Pertho

  After years of hardship, here is your moment to rise and embrace your future! Pertho makes life wonderful again. Conjure luck, prosperity, and happiness!

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 Libra: Gebo   


 Rebalancing is necessary with so many changes. Gebo's your rune. A fertile, terrestrial energy of wealth that brings calm and harmony. Gebo will calm any conflict!

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 Scorpio: Eihwaz

 New years offer amazing things. However, a powerful, weighty energy has come. If used appropriately, this energy may propel you to new heights!

 Capricorn: Ansuz


 Allfather Odin's Rune. Thus, this rune will instill the strength you need to face the new year's fantastic chances. Because you may get lost in the variety! 

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