Zodiac-Inspired Desserts


 Aries: Ice Cream

 Aries is independent, determined, and outspoken. According to Rebecca M. Farrar, MA, astrologer and creator of Wild Witch West, adventurers will like ice cream.

 Taurus: Sprinkled White Cake

 Taurus loves eating. Farrar recommends a rich white cake with sprinkles since they like to indulge.

 Gemini: Macarons

 "These sweet multi-colored French pastries have the proper blend of crunchy cookie crust and tasty inside," Ash explains. This social butterfly likes that they are bite-sized and convenient to share with others.


 Cancer-Chocolate Chip Cookie

 Farrar thinks this pick "warms the soul"—perfect for Cancer's caring character. Cancers "great at baking" and can bake chocolate chip cookies for their loved ones.

 Leo: Walnut Cake  

 Leos are ambitious leaders. They also want power. Lorena Thomas, professional astrologer and herway writer, suggests walnut cake for dessert.

 Libra: Banana Split

 Libras are outgoing, charismatic, and indecisive. Thomas suggests a banana split. "Could a Libra pick only one dessert? They receive bananas and ice cream."

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 Scorpio: Cocoa.

 Scorpio has a dark side while being devoted, stoic, and brave. This water sign needs a luscious dark chocolate dessert.

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 Sagittarius: Fruitcake

 Sagittarius craves adventure and shuns tradition, thus they always choose the unusual dish.

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