Zodiac Flower Compatibility


Bloodthirsty Aries

Not only do these showy spring flowers symbolize passion (something this fire sign has in plenty!), they also steal the spotlight like an Aries would. 

Taurus: Lily

Like your favorite Taurus, a lily of the valley is sweet, earthy, and comforting. Don't overlook the beauty of this fragile blossom. It reflects Taurus's tenacious nature by thriving even in chilly environments.

Gemini: Azalea

Azaleas come in a rainbow of gorgeous hues. Like a Gemini, you never know which side of this flower you'll see. Gemini's expressive nature finds a kindred spirit in the flamboyant, dramatic, and versatile azalea.

Cancer: Orchid

Orchids are like Cancers in that once you start caring for one, you can't stop. The beauty of these delicate blooms is well worth the time and work required to care for them. Orchids and Cancers, both, do best in cheerful surroundings.

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Leo: Crossandra

A.K.A. the Flamingo Flower. Do you find it surprising that this showy flower usually attracts admirers? Crossandras, like Leos, are quick to mature, and the sign's capacity to bring together people 

Virgo: Ivy

Ivy is the most functional plant for decorating any room. The clinging plant, as its name suggests, is tenacious and determined to reach its full potential wherever it may be planted. 

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Scorpio: Red Rose

Red roses are the epitome of passion, and this sign reveals its feelings with greater openness than any other. While a rose's thorns keep it secure from danger, a Scorpio will always put the safety of others above their own.

Sagittarius: Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's lace can be a little unruly if given the chance to grow out of its confines. Like the outgoing Sagittarius, the versatile plant brightens up its surroundings with abundant blossoms.

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