Zodiac fairytale archetypes

 Aries: The Red Riding Hood




 Red Riding Hood is a fearless explorer. She's fearless and positive amid tough circumstances. A little girl wears a crimson cloak and hood to carry food to her ill grandma across the jungle.

 Taurus: Charming

 Taurus is a classic fairytale archetype. Prince Charming from Cinderella. Prince Charming, a Taurus, is motivated to succeed. As he pursues Cinderella, he is patient, loyal, generous, and trustworthy.

 Gemini : Magical Powers. 


 She's interested and asks inquiries her friends can't understand. Geminis also adapt fast to new situations. 

 Cancer: Cinderella

 Cinderella's kindness and determination allow her to overcome all obstacles and achieve her ambitions! Cinderella exemplifies several Cancer qualities. 




 Leo: Rapunzel


 Rapunzel is the quintessential Leo fairy tale character—beautiful but neither pretentious or pompous! Her bravery inspires us to pursue our ambitions despite our worries

 Virgo: Snow White

 Snow White is innocent yet powerful, exactly like most Virgos! Virgo is associated with Snow White, the renowned fairytale heroine. 

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 Libra: Beauty.


 Libra loves beauty in all forms. Libra shaped Beauty and the Beast. Libra's sense of balance and fairness is reflected in the story's theme of seeing beyond appearances.

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 Scorpio: Mermaid

 Scorpio, the eighth sign, is linked to the Little Mermaid. Because of her commitment, drive, and enthusiasm. The Little Mermaid was devoted to her family, particularly King Triton.

 Scorpio: Mermaid


 She overcame witches and sea monsters to find love, showing her resolve. She succeeded solely through tenacity.

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