Your Zodiac Workout

A steady and well-rounded fitness regimen may improve your mind, body, and spirit, whether you work from home and feel sluggish or you simply want to move more.

Aries: Spinning

Aries, you challenge yourself in everything. As a fire sign who seizes the day, you rise early. Your perfect exercise starts your day with sweat and vigor. 

Taurus: Hiking

Hiking is fun on weekends and off days. With so many free trails and parks, you'll never get tired walking amid the forests.

Gemini: Zumba

You want to work out where you can feel the burn and meet friends. Zumba is a wonderful way to work up a sweat, relieve tension, and make new friends.


Cancer: Pilates

Cancer's energy fluctuates with the moon's cycles. You prefer mood-based decision-making over routine. 

Virgo: Yoga

Virgo, you're probably already exercising as you're health-conscious. If you want to change things up, locate something you can fit into your hectic schedule. 

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Aquarius: Cycling

Cycling's freedom will spark a lifetime love of the open road, whether you're riding locally or cross-country. 

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