Your Zodiac Sign's Life Motivation



 Aries, making things a competition can motivate you. Make stopping smoking a battle with an imagined opponent or cleaning the bathroom a reality show.



Taurus likes good things, so give yourself rewards when you finish something you've been putting off. For instance, you finally have your automobile smogged and then buy a new wardrobe.


 Gemini, you're an incompletist, not a procrastinator. You'll start a project, then get distracted by something else and never complete it.



 You're content binge-watching Netflix all day. Cancer, your loved ones inspire you. If you hadn't cleaned your home in weeks, would they like coming to tell you their secrets

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 Leos are self-confident yet need to impress. They do everything it takes to impress because they realize that a future leader needs a reputation for getting things done.


 Virgos strive to be reliable, attentive, and trustworthy. They behave because they fear being labeled lazy or irresponsible.


 Sagittarius may seem shallow and flighty, yet they want success. They'll work till it's done.

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 Pisces' primary drive is selflessness. They help others since they don't want to disappoint. Also, acting quickly allows them to escape into their imagination.