Your Zodiac Sign's Greatest Exercise  

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 Aries: Golf

 Aries loves challenging themselves with a skill-testing exercise. Astrologer Noelle Vincent says competitive sports are the best workout.

 Taurus: Running

 All right, Taurus—maybe working out isn't your favorite thing in the world. Due to governing planet Venus, you're someone who seeks comfort and new

 Gemini: Tennis

 Two words: Buddy up. It's a surefire (and scientifically proven) way for anyone to get motivated, but particularly for your sociable sign. 

 Cancer: Pilates

 You have a tendency to let your emotions get the best of you, Cancer, which is why you need some kind of meditative practice to keep you grounded.


 Leo: Dance Cardio

 Leos love a stage and a spotlight, which is why a dance class, Zumba class or Ballet Barre is right up your alley.

 Virgo: Pilates

 "Being a bit of a loner when it comes to its search for perfection, Virgo needs a sport that not only uses physical exertion but also mental acuity in its actions

 Libra: Soccer

 Libras thrive in soccer, flag football, and volleyball. Williams says Libras cooperate well. 

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 Scorpio: Boxing

 Scorpios are intense. This is why we thrive on workouts that push us to the absolute max, and boxing does exactly that—and it's great for fighting off any mental demons, too.

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