Your Zodiac Sign's Boring Behavior



 Bored Aries ask lots of questions (even if they don't care about the answers), talk to their neighbor, disrupt class with pranks and jokes, and are generally a pain. Aries adults shower often.


 Boredom physically affects Taureans. They're fatigued and unfocused. They'll jump up, clean the house, and then have ice cream.


 Bored Geminis fidget. They sketch, doodle, and play games on their laptop or phone even if nothing appears to break them. To prove they can, they'll download stupid illegal movies.


 Boredom affects Cancers differently. They may whine to everyone around, even their pet, or attempt to discreetly divert themselves.



 When someone bores a Leo, they secretly think about how they might improve and that they're always fascinatingly clever. Leos may make bold statements or ask absurd questions to spice things up.


 A bored Virgo will strive to hide it. When bored, they'll text. Virgos dance to odd music when they're bored.


 A bored Capricorn usually waits in the jury room for jury duty. Capricorns will browse the internet on their phone, tablet, or nearby computer.

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 Boredom is their fault. Their creativity should help them escape monotony. Boredom drives them to sleep.


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