Your Spouse Isn't Ready for Marriage, Experts Say


 Marriage is avoided.

 Myers tells Best Living, "If your spouse can't talk about marriage, they're not ready." "Often individuals assume their spouse is worried about the issue when they're not ready. Don't disregard it."

 Marriage is avoided.

 Jaida Pervis, a professional matchmaker and relationship specialist with over a decade of experience, advises asking your spouse about their vision for your future.

 They criticize marriage.

 Some openly dislike marriage. Pervis suggests listening to how your spouse reacts to marriage discussions.

 They criticize marriage.

 She suggests paying attention if friends or relatives make unpleasant remarks about marriage.


 Marriage changes their mood.

 Not just what they say. Exclusive Matchmaking Founder Susan Trombetti says small mood changes might reveal how your spouse thinks about marriage.

 Marriage changes their mood.

 Trombetti tells Best Living that if their feelings sour when marriage is mentioned, it's not a good indicator for going that next step.

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 Their family hasn't met you.

 who wants to settle down will want to include you in their lives. If your partner hasn't introduced you to their family, marriage is unlikely.

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 future conversation.

 Such talks might reveal your partner's marital readiness. Trombetti says unmarried people avoid deep talks about the future.