Your Natural Hairoscope Based on Your Zodiac Sign



You naturally lead. You're brave. Your captivating energy and fearlessness get things started. You need a hairdo that matches your bold, daring nature.


You're gentle but powerful. You enjoy uniformity, so you stick to a style you like. Taurus women are warm, kind, practical, and trustworthy, therefore a long, layered cut is ideal.


Gemini! You're like two ladies! You can intelligently discuss politics and celebrities. Diverse. You're outspoken and easily bored, including with haircuts. Shave one side. If you grow bored



Cancers are passionate, persistent, and tranquil. You're an alpha, yet your sensitivity and reserve might make you hard to notice in a crowd. You desire a feminine appearance.


When you enter a room, everyone notices. Your strong personality lets you do whatever with your hair! You're lion-like in courage. You may want to show off a large mane, but you're not confined

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Virgos are perceptive, smart, and fastidious. Nothing wrong with it. You like looking polished. An above-the-shoulder bob shows you're rational. This clever, trendy, and simple haircut will complement


Scorpios are unique and brooding, yet deadly. You're fierce and passionate. Why not add mystery by not taking a cut? Grow your hair long and free.


You create objectives and take them seriously. Your work reflects your polish, responsibility, authority, and readiness. You love exploring! Try a dramatic asymmetrical pixie cut?

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You love drawing, writing, and daydreaming. Your work shows your creativity. You're adventurous and free-spirited. Your hair should represent your boho, eccentric, fun-loving personality.


Mysterious girl! Singing, dancing, and sketching reveal your emotions and understanding. You seek meaning. You'll love an undercut for its beauty and ingenuity.

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