Your Best Life Love Horoscope   



 Aries, you've been self-centered lately. Now focus on love. Jupiter joins Venus on   so put aside selfishness and enjoy romance.


 Want a radical relationship makeover? Taurus, make some life-changing choices. Mercury retrograde   offers an awkward but long-overdue talk.



 Gemini, self-love has been your priority, and you may be feeling constrained in love. Changes in self-perception will expand your connection options. 


 Cancer, expect major dating changes. These transits may bring a fresh love interest to your life. Mercury enters retrograde  , so watch your words even when love is in the air. 





 Leo, unexpected household adjustments may strain your connections this week. Mercury retrograde   will deliver a storm that requires flexibility. Make romantic choices with friends and family.


 Virgo, you've been dating for months. This week, you may reconsider prior connections. Mercury retrograde in Gemini may revive an old discussion. 

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 Libra, relationships rule this month. An explosive energy in the air inspires an enduring affection. Venus and Jupiter in Aries this week might bring a surprise proposal or wedding. 

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 Scorpio, love is changing. Mercury retrograde on May 10 asks you to widen your ideal connection and try something new. Swipe right now and watch what happens. 


 Sagittarius, you're emotional this month. You'll indulge romantically once Jupiter enters Aries. Passions are strong for singles and couples. 

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