With This Daily No-Equipment Workout, Lose Weight Fast





 Jumping jacks may help you lose weight without equipment. By speeding up and focusing on each repeat, you may manually raise the intensity. 

  Jump Jacks

 Jump Jacks

 Jump wide and keep your arms from drooping. A focused, high-intensity jumping jack workout cranks up your fat-burning engine 

  Planks with Shoulder Taps


 Good workouts need core conditioning. Planks with shoulder taps are my favorite core workouts for several reasons. Planks promote lower back health by building isometric strength. 



 Squats are a great lower-body workout you can do anywhere without equipment. If done with proper vigor, squats burn a lot of calories and enhance metabolism.






 Pushups improve shoulders, chest, core, and arms. They also improve metabolism after a circuit exercise to keep you burning calories.



 Lunges are another equipment-free lower-body workout. Alternate lunges for this circuit.

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 Burpees are the workout I dread but love the results. Burpees include intense lower and upper-body movements.

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 Start this exercise with your feet shoulder-width apart. Jump up and raise your arms explosively. Plank after landing. Hop forward when your feet hit the board floor.


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