Wines for Your Zodiac Sign



 Bold, impetuous, quick-witted, and temperamental, an Aries requires a wine with a similar personality. Open a Cabernet. Its taste should be as captivating as your entrance.


 Taurus, you're warmer than expected. Open a Malbec, which has regional peculiarities. Similar to your personality in mixed company, no? Plums, currants, and spice make Malbec drinkable with an edge.


 Gemini, you're diverse, not two-faced. Zinfandel is a versatile variety that improves with each drink. This wine, like you, may change with the mood.


 Water sign, you flow. This approachable, light-bodied Pinot Noir mix screams crab. This combination allows for bubbly: Champagne is often made using Pinot Noir.



 Only Syrah can equal your intensity and spice. Leos require a wine with soul like Syrah's. Leo, grr.


 Virgos are modest and sensible, so a conventional pick may suit you. Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. Classic and easy-to-find, this cultivar. For quiet contemplation, Chardonnay is perfect.

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 Even ardent? Why not choose a wine with the similar qualities? Bordeaux. Scorpio, you need an exotic, pricey Bordeaux.


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 Sagittariuses appreciate intellectual discussions, so choose a wine that stirs up strong emotions. Merlot's smokey, savory flavors will unite your team. 

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