Wine for Your Zodiac Sign

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 Orange wine pairs best. You want something bright and bold to stand out, not red or white. Orange replaces rosé. Its orange hue and acidic taste come from its red-like production.


 Your Barolo. This King of Wines suits you since you like exquisite things like royalty.


 Stars recommend Chenin Blanc. This varied wine is excellent for you since you adore variety.


 Mystery solved! Zinfandel suits you. Zinfandel, like people, takes time to come to know. Zinfandel's first sip tastes like alcohol. However, decanting for 30 minutes yields rich, delicious flavors.



 Champagne is the logical option for a champagne dreamer and existence. You live by YOLO and want the best to enjoy life.


 Pinot Noir suits fussy Virgos. Pinot Noir is meticulously crafted, like Virgos. Pinot Noir needs perfect grapes to survive.


 Constellations recommend Riesling. Like you, this delicately balanced wine goes with everything.

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 Teran's wine suits the strongest symptoms. You adore connecting with people, and this Slovenian wine's robust taste is unique.