Why You're Not Happy With Your Life 

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 Being independent is excellent, yet it may cause your frustration. If you're too autonomous, you're missing the personal connection everyone requires.


 You're devoted, yet jealousy might make you question. Wondering leads to discovering new notions. Life's volatility may make you unsatisfied.


 Dual personality, dual lifestyle. Life dissatisfaction might seem typical. It is. Fortunately, Gemini are fast to adapt.


 Cancers feel. You may be unhappy because you overanalyze everything. Stay positive!



 Despite your stubbornness, you have a sensitive side. You may be unhappy since being autonomous may become evil.


 When things go wrong, you become insane because you prefer to prepare everything. You're lost and stressed.


 You are dissatisfied because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). When you're left out, you feel awkward.



You're straightforward, yet when sadness strikes, you're adrift. You're OK once you find your path.

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