Why You're Attracted To The Wrong One








 You overestimate people's goodness. When you fall in love, you rationalize unfavorable features as "not that bad." It's not that you're picking the wrong people


 You’re rash. You're happiest when life makes sense in your thoughts. You may enter into a relationship and get overly connected to the vision of a "perfect life"




 People obsess you too fast. You're not gullible; you're readily swayed by others' good characteristics and appreciate how they make you feel.



 Your romanticism is underrated. Cancer, you are that title. You fall deeply and are constantly caught up in your own lovely story, sometimes simply in your thoughts. 






 Instead of individuals, you adore their ideas. You appreciate how they appear, how they treat you, and how others perceive you together, which generally pleases



 You judge prospective partners harshly. While this may seem like you have a hard time falling in love with anyone (which can also be true),

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 You need the fairytale. Libras shouldn't be alone. As the sign of the scales and controlled by Venus (love), they flourish in partnerships since they require

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 Sags are analytical and intelligent, yet you have poor partner discernment. You're also driven by what you think is a good time or the "right thing for right now,"


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