Why Sugar Is Unhealthy

 Increases Weight




 Obesity rates are growing globally, and data shows that added sugar—often from sugar-sweetened beverages—is a key factor

 Heart Disease Risk

 Obesity, inflammation, excessive triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure, and heart disease are all linked to high-sugar diets

 Acne related


 Sugary diets raise blood sugar and insulin levels, increasing androgen secretion, oil production, and inflammation, which contribute to acne

 Cancer Risk

 A comprehensive evaluation of 37 prospective cohort studies indicated that greater sugar diets raised cancer incidence by 60%–95% in two of five added sugar studies




 Depression Risk


 A diet heavy in added sugar and processed foods may affect mood and emotions, but a balanced diet may assist.

 . Accelerate Skin Aging

   AGEs degrade collagen and elastin, substances that keep skin elastic and young

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 . Aging cells


 In a pilot research of 61 preschoolers, sugar-sweetened drinks were linked to shorter telomeres, indicating cellular aging

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 Drains Energy


 A meta-analysis on sugar and mood indicated that carbohydrate ingestion, particularly sugar, reduces alertness within 60 minutes and increases weariness within 30 minutes 

 Fatty Liver.


 Fructose is mostly broken down by the liver, unlike glucose and other sugars, which are taken in by numerous cells

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