Which zodiac chips are you?


 ARIES  Pita chips

 Aries is the first-born, purpose-is-progress sign of the zodiac, and early man's first bread likely looked like blistered, pillowy, hummus-begging pita bread. 

TAURUS Sour cream and onion chips

 Taurus is the zodiac's potato—versatile, reliable, thick, and long-lasting. We're lazy because we're always seeking for the easy way to pleasure.

 GEMINI   Pringles

  Gemini scientist, designed Pringles. He patented a saddle form and cylindrical container to minimize breaking. Hero. Pringles went from potato chips to potato crisps and added varieties


 CANCER    Funyuns

 Funyuns' formula hasn't altered in over 50 years, like cancer. Cancer food technologist George Wade Bigner created Shutterstrock Funyuns. Cancers are reluctant to change and sentimental

 LEO SunChip

 Leos govern summer's intense heat. SunChips taste like farmyard farts. Leos are kind but unreliable, and SunChips strove hard to be "green" but has subsequently retracted its biodegradable bag program.

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 VIRGO  Cool Ranch Doritos

 This chip tastes like dip and chemical gold dust, like Virgos. Arch West, a Virgo, developed Doritos. West was buried with corn chip triangles of victory. Flour rest.


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 LIBRA  Lay’s Potato Chips

 Libra is polished and seeks to preserve the peace to avoid upsetting or losing appetite. The original Lays potato chip suits most people's demands. 

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