What to Drink to Lose the Most Weight Part -2


Cow's milk:  Low-fat dairy may help lose weight and manage appetite with 8 grams of protein per cup. Three glasses of milk a day may provide your calcium needs. 

Cow's milk:  Chocolate milk replenishes glycogen and repairs muscle after a long run. 

Soy milk: Soy milk may help you lose weight if you're vegan. In a Journal of the American Dietetic Association research, soy milk drinkers lost as much weight as skim milk drinkers.

Soy milk: Another 2012 research indicated that women who drank soy milk daily for four weeks had smaller waist circumferences than those who drank skim milk.


Low-carb protein shake: Protein fills you up and stabilizes blood sugar, preventing hunger pangs.Protein shakes may satisfy hunger and build muscle. 

Coffee Coffee is almost calorie-free without cream or sugar. Coffee may curb appetites, but data are inconsistent.

Meal replacement shake Meal replacements may help you lose weight by providing protein, vitamins, and minerals if you miss meals or eat fast food when you're too busy to prepare. 

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Herbal tea Hibiscus tea is somewhat sweet and filling, making it an excellent in-between-meals or after-dinner snack. Caffeine-free, it won't keep you up at night!