What Makes Him Love You Based On Your Zodiac Sign



 Comfort is more important to Aries than style. You have tremendous style, yet athleisure is your go-to outfit. One reason your guy likes you is because you can get dressed quickly. 


 You adore trying new dishes as a professional cook. "The path to a man's heart is via his stomach," which works to your advantage. 


 Because you're smart, social, and fun, everyone likes you, even his friends. He likes that he can take you to one of his friend's parties and you won't need him the entire night.



 Cancers are artists or appreciate the arts. If you don't bring your boyfriend, you can spend hours at the museum. 


 You have a taste for the finer things in life, which is fine, but don't make your boyfriend take you to expensive restaurants all the time.


 Your boyfriend loves that you want to take care of yourself, but he hates how you sometimes tear yourself apart on cheat days. 


 You're a girl who likes to get dirty. Libras love the outdoors, which is perfect since your boyfriend does too. He loves that he can take you camping and fishing. 

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 Your friendship is genuine. You're good at it. If you're always there for friends, your boyfriend will love you, but don't put them before him.

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