What each zodiac sign does best in a relationship

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As the sign most rooted in experience, you're highly sensitive to the pleasures of the mind and body. If you feel the need, you can even comfort a loved one with this. 


As the zodiac's perennial water bearer, you have a natural talent for making your partner feel at ease and at home in any environment. "Connecting with you tends to make a partner feel like they're being burrito-ed


Like the lion by which your sign is symbolized, you will stop at nothing to protect the ones you care about, Leo. And that strong sense of loyalty can make it easy for your partners to place their trust in you.


Known for your keenness for detail, you tend to pick up on all the things, big or small. And as a result, you're a pro at identifying any kind of discomfort in a partner or the hidden source of a relationship

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As the sign of the scales, you won't be surprised to learn that your best relationship skill is all about restoring harmony whenever it's been thwarted. "You're able to calmly, 


It's almost as if you were born knowing how to be in an intense, emotionally vulnerable relationship, says Weiss. That is, your ability to open up to others and to receive from them is practically innate. 


You're generally on the glass-half-full side of things, Sagittarius. And that can work well within a relationship—in terms of quickly moving on from conflict and not holding grudges

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You don't waver or wilt in the face of conflict, Capricorn. Quite the contrary, you're typically comfortable with having a responsible and logical conversation


You thrive on offering up romantic gestures in service of your partner, Pisces. "Every dating scenario is a love poem for you," says Weiss. "You can fall in love extremely easily 

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