Weightlifting advice for beginners


Warm up- A 5-minute jog or brisk stroll can enhance blood flow to your muscles and prepare them for a solid exercise. Jumping rope or jumping jacks for a few minutes are also useful warmups.

Start with lesser weights that you can lift 10–15 times with perfect technique. Start with 1 or 2 sets of 10–15 repetitions and work up to 3 or more sets.

Increase the weight by 5–10% when you can comfortably complete the prescribed sets and repetitions. Before working out, be sure this weight is accurate.


Rest for 60 seconds between sets to reduce muscular exhaustion, particularly when starting out.

45 minutes is plenty for a good exercise. Longer workouts may increase burnout and muscular exhaustion without improving outcomes.

Stretching after an exercise improves flexibility, reduces muscular tension, and lowers injury risk.

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Rest a day or two between exercises to let your muscles recuperate and refuel.