Weekly Horoscope: April 19–25, 2023 - Part 1


Taurus April 20–May 20 The April 19th solar eclipse in your 12th house may cause serious contemplation. 

Taurus  If you dive deep and work through your messy emotions, you may make progress or heal. Taurus, trust in your abilities to perform in difficult conditions. 

Gemini May-21–June 21 You may overcome your defenses and disappointments during the April 19th solar eclipse. You can't control your environment, but you can be more deliberate about where you focus.

Gemini Twin Star, focus on self-care rather than fighting unchangeable conditions or worrying about things you should let go.


Cancer June 22–July Moon again! On the 19th, a solar eclipse may evoke strong emotions. Self-responsibility is your top priority this week. 

Cancer  Your actions—and motivations—matter. Moonchild, don't let your worries cloud your heart. 

Leo July 23–22 Pluto's tremendous punch during the April 19th solar eclipse may cause fear and distress.

Leo  Be kind to yourself and others this week. Responses, not reactions, define you. Leo, become grounded before you start to solve your problems.

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Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22 Your 8th house eclipse on April 19th is reopening old scars. Though boring, it's useful. Even though it's unpleasant, Virgo, you need to be honest about how you feel and how you got here. 

Virgo   This is a moment to be in your emotions and learn to cope, not to plan or take control.