Top US Food Destinations



The Steel City is evolving beyond Eastern European staples like Polish sausages, cabbage rolls, and french fry-topped sandwiches and salads. Food & Wine, Zagat, and Bon Appetit have observed the gourmet renaissance. Locals and critics applaud Pittsburgh's cuisine rebirth.

Asheville, North Carolina

This 45-square-mile hippie mountain community is powerful. Chefs and curious consumers are trying unique recipes in western North Carolina along the Appalachian Trail. Asheville boasts the most breweries per capita, so you'll have plenty of interesting suds for supper.

Las Vegas

Right? Vegas visitors expect good food. Sin City's colourful, over-the-top design and celebrity chef-backed restaurants like Wolfgang Puck and Pierre Gagnaire's Mandarin Oriental restaurant have lifted the bar for dining.


Philadelphia became the first US World Heritage City in 2015. Though Philadelphia has a lot of history, its food culture isn't. Philly has vegetarian, vegan, Italian, and Jewish restaurants alongside its famous cheesesteaks and soft pretzels.



Seattle is more than just Pike Place Market. Salmon, oysters, and Asian cuisine have shaped the city's cuisine. Critics and foodies have called Seattle's sushi, rice bowls, and teriyaki, with its rich, Korean-inspired sauce, the best in the nation.


Charleston popularised low-country cuisine. This little South Carolina town excels for seafood-heavy Southern, Caribbean, and African cuisine. Despite the city is proud of its well-preserved past, its chefs have started revamping classic meals like shrimp and grits and she-crab soup for 21st-century palates


Miami's lively nightlife and barely clad beachgoers overwhelm its great food scene. But don't overlook its food. The city makes the best Cuban food outside of Havana, and its Caribbean location adds rich island tastes. Young cooks keep the restaurant environment fresh.