Top North American Fruits


Jonathan Apples

In 1826, Woodstock, New York created Jonathan apples. This apple produced Jonagold, Jonafree, and Jonamac. Red apples with yellow or green flushes. The flesh is juicy, crisp, and slightly sweet, acidic, sour, and peppery. 

Black Mission Figs

Around 1768, Franciscan missionaries produced mission figs in San Diego, naming them Franciscana. Dark-skinned Mission figs are called black. Honey-flavored dark pink figs are ready. Delicious, luscious dried figs. Late August through October brings the second crop.

Cosmic Crisp

Experts named Honeycrisp-Enterprise hybrid Cosmic Crisp WA 38. Big, red, crisp, juicy, acidic, and sweet Washington apples. Raw or baked. These apples brown slower and ripen uniformly. Refrigerated Cosmic Crisp apples last a year.

Idared Apples

Idaho made Idared apples. Jonathan-Wagener. Red-green apples. The meat is juicy, crisp, and flavorful. Idared apples, available from fall through early summer, bake well. Raw, salads, or strong blue cheese.


McIntosh Apples

Around 1811, John McIntosh discovered McIntosh apples in Dundela, Upper Canada. 1870 witnessed commercial production. Red fruits with bright green flushes and white dots. Fall apples are bitter, sweet, and spicy, but early winter apples are sweeter. Crispy meat.


Tangelo, an evergreen tree with rich foliage, was first grown in Florida and southern California in 1897 as a hybrid of Mandarin orange or tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit. Tropical and subtropical regions cultivate it. Sweet, juicy, orange pulp.

Florida oranges

Florida has farmed oranges since the mid-19th century. Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon planted the first orange tree in St. Augustine in the 16th century. It protects animals, employs many, and buffers urban growth. 

Golden Delicious

Grimes Golden-Golden Reinette produced Golden Delicious. Red Delicious is unrelated. West Virginia's state fruit has been the original tree since 1995. Yellow-green apples. White, crisp, sweet, zesty, and aromatic flesh. Golden Delicious apples are great for salads, sauce, and butter.