Top Mexican Restaurants Around the U.S.


Barrio Café, Phoenix, Arizona

Barrio Café serves more than tacos and burritos since 2002. Chef Silvana Salcido prides herself on serving the finest of Mexico and more! Barrio serves Mexico City enchiladas and Oaxacan cheese fondue. Yucatan cochinita is filling.

Avila’s Mexican Food, El Paso, Texas

it provides Mexican cuisine. This 65-year-old family-owned restaurant provides American and Mexican meals. Serving Mexican-inspired burritos, tacos, and meaty burgers. Avila's Super Combination is great for winning challenges.

Tortilleria Nixtamal, Queens, New York

Tortilleria Nixtamal is north in Queens, New York. Nixtamal stands apart in a city full with international cuisine because it's excellent.


Broken Spanish, Los Angeles, California

Broken Spanish, employs only the freshest Mexican ingredients. The restaurant's sleek décor belies its homemade meals. Squid with mixed rice, chorizo, ravigote, and fava leaves and year-round Pollo Prensado are specialties.

Cala, San Francisco, California

San Francisco has foreign restaurants like New York. Gabriela Camara's Cala restaurant and taqueria serves authentic Mexican cuisine daily! Nighttime taco shop becomes Mexican restaurant. The menu has everything. Start with a tortilla and finish with a Mexican supper.

Elote Café, Sedona, Arizona

Gourmet Mexican meals overlooking Sedona's Red Rocks. Elote, a top American Mexican restaurant, serves wonderful meals with a stunning view. Chef Jeff Smedstad's 20 years in Mexico inspired the food, which is among the finest in the country.

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Oyamel, Washington, D.C.

Jose Andres' Oyamel celebrates Mexican food. Andres is known for his curiosity in other cultures and cuisines. After visiting Central America, he opened Oyamel in D.C.