Top High-Protein Smoothies 






 Banana-kiwi smoothie 

 Protein demands vary by age, health, and objectives. Harvard Health provides a basic guideline to help you assess your daily needs


 This smoothie has chocolate, coconut fat, and banana antioxidants. This dish tastes great with your favorite chocolate protein powder

 Chocolate-Coconut-Banana Smoothie

 Peach-Kale Smoothie 


 This peach and kale smoothie with Greek yogurt adds protein and is refreshing. We propose almond slivers or chia seeds.

 Mexican Chocolate Smoothie


 Mexican chocolate smoothie bowls taste like dessert but include 11 grams of protein. This chocolate smoothie would taste even better 






 Paleo diets don't exclude sweet and creamy smoothies. This paleo granola, protein powder, and coconut yogurt are ideal for this smoothie. 

 Paleo Smoothie

 Kefir Banana Smoothie

 Kefir, a fermented milk, is thicker than yogurt but thinner than milk. This drink may taste bad, but it improves gut health and microbiota.

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 Pumpkin Spice Smoothie


 This smoothie's sole protein source is protein powder, so the quantity you receive depends on your brand. We recommend Orgain Organic Protein.

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 This berry smoothie tastes great with Tone It Up's vanilla plant-based protein powder. Cauliflower rice makes this dish creamy without yogurt.

 Berry Cauliflower Smoothie  

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