Top Aggressive Astrological Signs



Aries is stereotyped as a hothead. They're prepared to go to war over anything. Since the God of War rules over Aries, this is to be anticipated. 


You may put your faith in the lion of the zodiac since they are the most aggressive of all the zodiac signs. They are not known for being mediators or back down from a conflict.  


One of the most combative zodiac signs is Aquarius. They are easily angered. They also have no problem engaging in an argument. 


Wherever possible, a Taurus should avoid arguments. They see conflict as unimportant and want to avoid it at all costs 



A Sagittarius is not one of those signs that gets readily enraged. They usually take a bit before they become angry enough to lose it.  



As compared to the other signs, Pisces is the most prone to anger. Pisces are easily angered, and may become much more so if you fail to grasp the source of their ire.


Scorpios have a reputation for being a little bit hostile. Their desire to be a nice person leads them to avoid confrontation whenever possible.  


There is a fine line between aggression and passivity in a Gemini. Gemini is ambivalent, so you never know which way they'll swing. 

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An angry Cancer may be aggressive, but they try so hard not to become angry that they aren't usually seen of as an aggressive indicator.  

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