This Floor Workout Melts 10 Pounds  





 Bicycle crunches are done by laying on your back with your arms behind your head and your hands behind your head. Knees and feet up. 

 Cycle Crunch


 Bird dogs start on hands and knees. Fully extend your opposing arm and leg. Start again. Repeat both sides.

  Downward-dog Cobra Flow  


 Flowing from downward dog to cobra improves core and full-body mobility. It boosts aerobic capacity and fat reduction when done rhythmically.

 Side-Lying Leg Lifts

 Side-lying leg lifts shape and burn stubborn fat in your upper glutes. Keep your bottom hip on the floor if side planking is too hard.






 Glute bridges finish any floor routine. For lower back health, glute development, and resistant fat loss, this exercise is essential.

 Floor Glute Bridge


 Pushups finish your fat-burning floor exercise. Pushups strengthen your shoulders, core, and burn calories.

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 Plank to do pushups. Bend your elbows and squat. Push with both hands to return to the beginning position when your chest approaches one inch off the floor. Keep going.

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 Start floor glute bridges on your back. Lift your hips with both feet. Return slowly. Keep going.

 Floor Glute Bridge

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