These Posture Exercises Will Improve Your Health.





 Sit with both hips weighted and feet flat on the floor. Your lumbar, thoracic, and cervical curves should be generally straight. 

 Low back pain

 Long-term slouching strains your lower back. Strang says it pressures the posterior spine, including the intervertebral discs, facet sites, ligaments, and muscles.

Less headaches


 Poor posture may cause neck muscular stress and tension headaches. Strang claims posture correction may alleviate muscular tension and headaches.


 Griffith says that aligned bones and joints enable muscles to work properly, resulting in reduced weariness and more vitality.




 Relaxed shoulders 


 Forward head position strains upper back, shoulder, and neck. Griffith says optimal alignment reduces joint and ligament tension and overuse.

 Reduced joint

Hip strain occurs while sitting or standing crookedly. Joints wear down naturally. Even posture causes few issues. 

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 Lung expansion


 Griffith says slouching compresses the lungs. “Sitting and standing taller gives your lungs more space.” Good posture helps breathing.

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 Forward head posture stresses the mandibular joint and jaw muscles. “This can cause pain with eating, talking, yawning, clicking with opening, and headaches,”

Reduced  pain

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