The Zodiac's Most Disciplined







Leo enjoys working hard to finance a lavish lifestyle that draws attention. They prefer the rewards of hard labor over the job itself.


 Aquarius is humanitarian because they wish to assist the globe. Not because they assist. They like to outsource hard effort and inspiration to others. 




 Sagittarius dislikes being tied down, whether to a relationship that traps them or to a habit that limits their freedom. They're the zodiac's least disciplined.



 Taurus likes to work the least. They prefer outsourcing. They like to do the minimal. Because they don't want to change, this zodiac sign seldom has the discipline to change.   






 Pisces are zodiac dreamers. They imagine a great future. This astrological sign fantasizes about luxury. They lack the discipline to complete tasks. 



 Libra enjoys resting. They value comfort above prosperity. They'll relax and only punish when necessary. This balances Libra well. If they stay focused, they can do anything.

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 Cancer likes to sit home and do nothing, which may strain relationships. Disciplined, yet not hardworking. If motivated, this zodiac sign may succeed. 

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 When focused, Gemini possesses some discipline, although it's rare. The irresponsible zodiac sign has trouble setting objectives and prefers to have fun. 


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