The Whole Family Can Eat Healthy  

  Forget perfection




 By removing the expectation to have a flawless diet, you're more likely to discover a healthy family diet.

  Avoid banning foods.

 “Eat everything. Moderately, all foods are healthful. Use "always" and "sometimes" foods. Fruits and vegetables are always good snacks, while birthday cake is exclusively for birthdays.”

 Make healthy eating 


 Diets are harmful to children, and discussing body weight in front of them may cause eating disorders.

 Plan meals simply.

 Meal planning reduces food shopping to once or twice a week, saving time. Choosing recipes is difficult.




 Eat together 


 Eating together as a family—without distractions—encourages healthy eating habits, bonding, and social and emotional development

 Add fresh, frozen, or canned veggies.

  If Friday is pizza night, put out chopped peppers, mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, and basil for everyone to use.

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  Optimize snack veggies.


 Have cleaned and chopped veggies in the fridge to encourage family snacking. Cut the vegetables into sticks or strips and store them in mason jars.

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 Cook a family lunch.


 Preparing many dinners may satisfy family members. Most fussy eater homes do this.

 Serve food creatively.


 Presenting a range of meals in novel and interesting ways may help kids and adults eat healthier snacks.

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