The Weekly Quote for Your Zodiac Sign








 Not giving up on yourself—not giving into your darkest impulses—doesn't always seem like winning an unseen battle, but rather, putting your hands up 


 Force won't work. Where you cannot dig your roots and feel uneasy, you will not blossom. You can't force rightness—listen. Listen to your reception and fit. 




 Outgrow the life you desired. Even if such locations are just in your thoughts and emotions, you don't have to remain. Move on. You can change. 



 Being sensitive and letting your emotions shape you is precious. to open up your innermost inside parts and bring yourself to a fresh consciousness each time.






 Some will abandon you. They'll misinterpret and ignore you. You'll have detractors. Not your folks.



 Judge yourself by how valiantly you faced emotional storms. Do it by how many flawed souls you've loved and seen only kindness. 

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 Peace isn't easy at first. Sometimes it's shouting out all the agony you've hidden within. Setting a limit might be it. No sometimes. 

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 You'll find your own tranquility. You will discover which wars are worth waging. You will learn to ignore your annoying ideas. You will learn to face a difficulty and attempt, not give up. 


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