The Top 10 Reasons People Are Poor


The Top 10 Reasons People Are Poor

 Inadequate Schooling

Lack of education is a secondary factor that contributes to low incomes. People can't break the cycle of poverty without access to education. Around 170 million people might be lifted out

Wars and conflicts

Poverty is often exacerbated by war. Everything pauses during wartime. As a country's GDP drops, so does the country's productivity. Foreign companies and governments are unlikely to invest

 weather and climate

The World Bank estimates that 100 million people might fall into poverty due to climate change in the next decade. We know that climate change leads to drought, floods, and severe storms

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 Inequality in society

Wherever there is social injustice, like racism or sexism, there is also poverty. Individuals who are discriminated against have a harder time escaping poverty, obtaining a decent education

food and water

It is hard to break the cycle of poverty without basic necessities like food and water. The pursuit of sustenance and hydration will consume one's every waking moment. 

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 Inadequate Facilities

Everything from roads and bridges to the internet and public transportation relies on infrastructure. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort for people to go about whether they live in an isolated town

Insufficient aid 

The government must have a role in resolving many of the problems we've outlined. But many governments lack the resources or political will to assist the impoverished. 

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