The Shocking Truth About Each Zodiac Sign  

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Aries seem arrogant and brave, yet they loathe rejection and would do everything to escape it. They don't want to be rejected, therefore they work hard to be the best.  


Taurus are generous, caring, and like fine food, beautiful goods, and nice beds. Tauruses will cancel their plans, call in sick, switch off their phone, and go to bed if they have a scratchy throat or a fever.  


Geminis are brilliant conversationalists and socialites, particularly at gatherings. Geminis may be deceptive. They'll feign happiness if they don't want to fight or don't believe someone deserves them.  


Cancers are empathetic and kind, but sometimes they just can't handle their pals' calls and messages. 



Leo, charming and humorous, would be the most popular in high school. Leos love attention. They become enormous, whining infants if Leo doesn't believe they're receiving enough attention.  


Virgos rock! They're kind, smart, and meticulous. Yet, Virgos seldom accept fault. They'll examine every detail until they discover a way to blame someone else. 


Libras enjoy life... until when they don't. Give them space when they loathe life. Avoid them while they're in the black hole—they'll get out soon. 


Scorpios are unique because they live intensely and passionately. Scorpios love Disney—movies, Disneyland, and particularly memorabilia.  

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