The Most Flattering Beard Cuts for All Face Types



Boxed beards are cut close to the face and are thinner than full beards. They're nearly an inch long and set off the face beautifully. This beard style will also highlight your strong jawline.


Bandholz beards look great on men with round cheeks and individuals who naturally grow thick beards. The longer the beard, the longer the face will appear.


One last beard style that works well with round faces is quite unfashionable. To achieve this look, you should let your beard grow out along your cheeks rather than your chin. 


Mature Beard

Beardstache A beard style characterized by a strong moustache and short beard stubble. This style works well for men who are either too sluggish to care for a big beard or have a square face shape.

Weird Beard

Balbo beards are typically complemented with moustaches and resemble an inverted anchor. It aids in highlighting the defined jawline without adding width to the face.


Just attaching your goatee beard to your moustache creates a circular beard. It resembles a French beard but is thicker.

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A goatee beard is another popular choice for males with a square face because of its rounded appearance.

Trim beard

One of the most adaptable beard styles, stubble works especially well with square jawlines. They won't make you look bulkier than you already are in the chin area.


The length of a garibaldi beard is completely up to the wearer. The base is typically spherical, but you can change the shape to suit your needs.

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