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This year, instead of traditional bookshelves, we're emphasizing the dreamy aesthetic of racks filled with a mixture of books, albums, flowers, design components,


The new trend of built-in sofas is sure to win over any lazy signs. Put it next to your window for a warm and inviting place to relax and reflect.


We don't live in the past or the future too much this year. Interiors with a mid-century or art-deco aesthetic will look fantastic when combined with contemporary or futuristic touches.

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Take advantage of the current penchant for silver as a New Year's metallic and adorn your living space with shiny accents. You're the type of person who enjoys having people 


The living room is the ideal area for a Leo to host guests and show off the home's many fine features. This season, art deco touches are a terrific way to create a bold statement with your living space while also creating a fabulous atmosphere.


The multipurpose pieces of furniture that are currently popular are perfect for a Virgo because of the sign's emphasis on practicality. 


If you enjoy throwing parties at home, then you need an art deco bar cart immediately. And because Libra is such a social sign that thrives

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The bold deco pieces and seasonal accents this year are perfect for a powerful and courageous sign like Scorpio. That's why this extroverted Symbol would thrive in a space decorated in bold hues


The oak coffee table is trying out for the lead role this season. An wood coffee table and some towering green plants would look fantastic in the enchanting living room of a Sagittarius, 


This sign shows a dual appreciation for vintage, high-quality decor and modern, minimalist touches. Create a refined and well-organized living room by incorporating vintage-inspired furnishings


A trendy living room with many windows will appeal to a nature-loving, daydreaming sign. Be sure to incorporate many of the year's most popular interior design trends

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