The Greatest Zodiac Picnic Ideas

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 Aries are sociable and bold. Aries should picnic with their favorite folks. Pack mini-pies and chocolate-dipped berries.


 Bulls are realistic and down-to-earth, yet they like food and romance. Taurus love eating, so pack a hearty, varied dinner. Cured meats and premium cheeses work. 


 Take your dual-natured Gemini on an evening glamping adventure. Invite your Gemini and a few close friends to a campground where you have put up comfy chairs.


 Bring your favorite Cancer to a lake or pond with a little lunch of finger sandwiches and fruit. 



 Bring your Lion to a sunny field with your best buddies to soak up the sun. Better if this field has flowers. If not, bring vases of sunflowers to make it more Beautiful.


 Practical and earth-loving Virgo will enjoy a basic picnic. Take your Virgo to a farmers market with a few friends. 


 Libras don't want to camp, hike, or get their new shoes muddy. Libra picnics are more like outdoor brunches. 


 Scorpio prefers not picnicking. They'll spend the day in a bright meadow with humans if you make them, but they won't like it. 

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 Sagittarians love outdoor adventures. Gather active buddies and their pets. Pet-loving Sagittarius Bring salad and hummus to a nearby hiking area for an afternoon walk. 

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