The greatest NFL teams ever who failed to win the championship


 Buffalo Bills

During its days in the American Football League, the franchise has endured 63 star-crossed seasons and no championships. The +194 point difference for this team, though, is unquestionably the best in Buffalo history.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The top-seeded AFC Central champions, who were easily the finest team in the short history of the Jaguars, were 15-0 versus everyone else that year but went 0-3 against the Tennessee Titans, including

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San Diego Chargers

being challenged on defence? Sure. Nonetheless, no squad during the Don Coryell era scored goals more consistently. Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts passed to three 1,000-yard

 Los Angeles Rams

In the regular season, they outscored their opponents by 210 points, the most margin of victory among the 56 LA Rams squads. The finest Rams of the Chuck Knox era, these Cowboys lost their playoff opener by 11 points

Dallas Cowboys 

Their regular-season win margin topped three touchdowns, making them arguably the most dominant regular-season club in franchise history. Yet in a one-and-done postseason loss to the Cleveland Browns


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Green Bay Packers

After guiding the defending champs to a 13-0 start in his first MVP season, Quarterback Aaron Rodgers became full-fledged superstardom. Yet after a 15-1 regular season record, which was a team high

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