The finest soup for your zodiac sign.


 ARIES Tortellini soup

 Aries controls the head, and tortellini pasta resembles an ugly top hat. The planet of strife rules this cardinal fire sign, making it prone to wanting to be first, best, and right. 

 Taurus Potato soup

 Taurus has carnal and caloric desires. According to poet Robert Crawford, potato soup is “so thick you could shake its hand and walk with it before dinner.”


 Gemini, a changeable air sign, adapts, changes, upends, and contradicts facts. Controversy fuels this words and storytellers. Consequently, twins would connect with the fiercely debated history of pho

 CANCER   Chicken noodle soup

 Cancers prefer to recover with chicken noodle soup. Shutterstock Cancer is most connected to roots, family, and nurture. Chicken noodle soup is the ultimate "get well soon" gesture. 

 LEO Tomato soup

 Andy Warhol screen-printed the Campbell's Soup can into notoriety, demonstrating the gravitational pull of lions and spotlights.



 Virgo controls the stomach and is just as good at nursing, soothsaying, and curing as Cancer, albeit they are less emotional. Throughout the Tang dynasty

 LIBRA Italian wedding soup

 Libras want flawless marriages like Italian wedding soup. Libra controls the seventh house, which includes marriage. Wedding soup

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 SCORPIO French onion soup

 Scorpio, the mysterious genitalia ruler, would be the onion in a vegetable garden. To reach a scorpion's core layers needs time, loyalty tests, and therapy/necromancy. 

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 SCORPIO Tortilla soup

 Tortilla soup, also known as sopa Azteca, from Mexico teaches ingenuity and optimism, two Sagittarius traits. This soup, seasoned with dried chiles, revives stale tortillas with frying oil. 

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